Taking an Analytical Approach to MMA Betting in 2021

Online MMA betting is becoming more and more popular with fight fans. Unlike traditional sports betting, which has a reputation for being intimidating to those new to the sport, MMA wagering can be easy and profitable for anyone with a good understanding of the game. It’s important to remember that a good gambling strategy will involve more than just placing bets on your favorite fighters, however. Taking an analytical approach to online MMA betting in 2021 will help you maximize your profits.

One of the biggest mistakes MMA bettors make is placing bets based on emotion or a gut feeling. This is especially true for those who are fans of certain fighters and want to cheer them on. It is important to take a purely analytical approach to MMA betting and only place wagers on fighters you have researched thoroughly.

MMA bettors also need to understand how to place spread bets, which are bets that attempt to balance the odds between two teams or individual fighters. While some bettors like to use what is known as MMA math when placing MMA spreads, this can often mislead bettors and take attention away from studying fighting styles and reviewing film. This can lead to a lack of research, which will negatively impact your bets and potentially result in losing bets.

Another popular MMA betting option is the Over/Under total, which offers bettors the chance to make a wager on how many rounds a fight will last. Oddsmakers will set an Over/Under total based on the expected number of rounds in a given match, as well as the style and history of the fighters involved. In addition, they will add a margin for profit to the Over/Under price, which is called vig or juice.

In MMA, over/under totals have a higher payout potential than other sports betting markets because a draw is rare and carries a much lower probability. Moreover, bettors can also place bets on specific rounds in a fight by selecting the round they believe will end in the most or least timeframe.

It is worth noting that MMA fighters can often suffer injuries in training camp, and this can affect their performances. In the event of a serious injury, oddsmakers will quickly update the fighters’ odds, and the odds of an underdog can rise significantly. In this case, it is advisable to follow the MMA media as closely as possible to keep on top of any major news that may affect the odds of a particular fighter.

One thing to bear in mind when placing MMA bets is the age gap between the two fighters. Younger fighters are usually favored in a fight, and they can sometimes upset older opponents. This is because veteran fighters can be prone to slowing down, which allows younger fighters to pick off their strikes at the right time. This makes supporting younger fighters a wise long-term investment. However, it is also important to be aware that late replacements, who are typically given less than a month of preparation, have lost 64% of their matches in the UFC.