How to Create a Mind-Blowing Domino Installation


Dominoes are small squares of wood or plastic, with numbers carved into each side. They are used to play various games, most notably the positional game of “5s-and-3s.” In this game, players attach dominoes edge to edge and try to make the number on one side equal the number on the other, with five or three points scored for each match.

They are also used to create mind-blowing domino installations. Hevesh, a professional domino artist in Brooklyn, NY, creates installations that include grids of dominoes that form pictures as they fall or 3-D structures like domino towers and pyramids.

The first step in creating a domino installation is to decide the theme or purpose of the project. Hevesh might want to include a psychedelic image in a domino structure, or she might have an art piece in mind that she wants to represent through dominoes.

She then uses an engineering-design process to come up with a plan for the layout and how she’ll use dominoes to create the design. She might start with a single domino or she may build up from there, using stacked dominoes to create walls, or incorporating other materials into the design.

Once she has a good idea of what she wants to do, she calculates how many dominoes she’ll need to make her installation. She does this by using a formula that accounts for how she’ll weigh each type of domino.

This is done in the same way that engineers weigh materials for engineering projects, only Hevesh’s calculations are much simpler. Unlike an engineer, who must weigh thousands of pounds of metal for an engineering project, she only has to weigh a few dozen dominoes before she can start constructing her installation.

She’ll then start building the dominoes, starting with a simple set of wooden or plastic dominoes, and working her way up to more complex designs. She also uses dominoes in her work with children to create interactive environments.

Depending on the design, she will need to calculate how long it’ll take her to build it. She also needs to think about how she’ll keep it safe and aesthetically pleasing.

Another factor to consider when designing a domino installation is whether it will be on a smooth or textured surface. Some surfaces, such as marble or granite, are incredibly smooth, while others, such as wood, can be slippery.

It’s important to consider these factors when choosing a surface for your dominoes so you can be sure that they will stand up well when they fall. Then you’ll be able to enjoy playing with them for years to come.

You can find many interesting dominoes to buy at your local craft store or online. Some of them are crafted from natural materials, such as bone, mother of pearl, or ivory, while others are made from polymer materials. Some of these are more expensive than others, but they can be more durable and have a more unique look. Regardless of the material, you’ll find that dominoes are a fun and engaging way to pass the time!