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Sheila St.Hilaire, Sacred Harmonic Chantress

Sheila began her awakening in 2001 when her Sacred Light Language came through to her during her morning meditation. Over time she was divinely guided to the singing crystal bowls. Shortly after, she was directed by her Ascended Teachers to incorporate them with her Sacred Light Language, bringing forth a high vibrational harmonic frequency.

Each meditation is always different. There is no set plan or written instructions. She disconnects from her mind and allows those that she channels guide her in both language and the playing of the bowls. By creating a peaceful and calming sound frequency, Sheila allows the listener to raise their soul vibration and bring them to the place of remembering who they are as a soul being, living in the center of their heart.

Over the years, she has traveled on sacred journeys through Southern France and Peru, and has walked The Path of Saint James (The Camino) starting in St. Jean, France and ending in Santiago, Spain. These adventures have helped open herself to develop a deeper connection with her ancient ancestors and enhance her sound frequencies to further become a pure and clear channel of peace and love for all humanity.

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