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Melissa Berry is a 6 year Triple Negative Breast Cancer survivor and Founder of She is a breast cancer thriver, recipient of the 2019 YWCA Beacon of Light Award, Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation’s 2016 Courage Award, veteran fashion/beauty publicist, professional speaker and consultant. Melissa has moderated and participated on various panels, addressed pharmaceutical leaders, and has been featured in numerous publications as a source of inspiration. She currently leads #WeThrive, a breast cancer support group for WeWork in NYC. Melissa is now offering corporate breast cancer workshops to organizations nationwide, a source of breast cancer education and inspiration for women across the country. 
Melissa was diagnosed in 2013 at the age of 42.
Breakout Session A: Entrepreneurship and Cancer...Girl, You Got This!
A 45 minute workshop that addresses the transition back to the workplace, the exciting world of advocacy, and how to share your own journey online. 
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