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“Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create”. 
I was at my own set of crossroads, blessed with a husband to love and to love me, a fruitful career, and two beautiful children. 
My own mother had always planted seeds of meditation and centering, to regain the power of health and wellness, but I truly found love for my yoga practice in the middle of a ten year period abroad for my husbands work. It kept me grounded as a stay at home mom, and it allowed me to navigate my life. 
I realized I wanted to learn more about yoga, the history of it, and the anatomy of the body within the postures (that will be a lifelong journey), the energetic healing that occurs with and through Asana. 
I finished my 200 hour teacher training in Maine, with a four year old and a two year old at home, returned to Europe, and 
began to teach to my husbands professional hockey team. I quickly realized the challenges in teaching many  individual body types, and the need to understand more. I cultivated my own school of yoga, by practicing and learning and studying for more years. I worked on personal healing my own chronic back pain. 
I began to pay attention to posture, and muscles, and I began to collect knowledge of how the body moves. It’s become my fascination. Body and spirit, and how our emotional state affects our physical body. 
Yoga has healed me in many multifaceted ways, and I’m certain it will continue to do so. It fills my cup to share that gift, and I share this beautiful gift of individual ability to move on or off the yoga mat to empower others. We have one life. And all of us can learn to regain balance. We can fall, and crawl, and walk, and regain balance. We just have to look within to get there. 
Namaste. Candace
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