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Amanda Light is New England blogger and content creator who spends her time writing, creating jewelry, practicing reiki, and raising two young boys. After creating Prim and Propah, a lifestyle blog, in 2010, Amanda has grown into a space on the internet meant to encourage others to be their best self, exploring wellness from different angles like green beauty, yoga, meditation etc and generally just talking about life's realities. You may also see pictures of kids and little adventures too!
 After starting the #OwnYourBodBabe movement in 2018, Amanda has increasingly been active in encouraging us all to love the bodies we are in and what they can do for us, regardless of what they look like or what society has told us they should look like. In addition to creating this space, Amanda tries to live a life of mindfulness, instilling an attitude of gratitude in all she meets because we are blessed by each day. 
You can find Amanda online on PrimandPropah, Instagram, Twitter and  Facebook
Breakout Session B - Intention Setting & Mala Making Workshop
This workshop is for anybody interested in setting new intentions, getting crafty, and learning a little bit about the calming power of meditation. In this session, you'll discuss the importance of grounding yourself, finding time for meditation and learn some easy tips on creating a practice at home. You'll leave this workshop with a personalized intention card and a mala necklace made with wood, gemstones beads, and silky tassel.
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